Oh R2

R2 is our dog and he has been quite the roller coaster ride.  He is our first dog and we have learned so much about being dog owners (we are acutally cat people!).  We love him so much and we have realized the extent we will go for this little one.  I will explain how this unfolded.

I have always had an affinity for animals and have always loved cats.  In fact, one of my first loves was a cat named Mickey.  She was actually my cupid Рand how I fell in love with Juan Рbut that is a whole other story.

Well, it turns out that Juan also has a soft heart for animals. ¬†We’ve always had a pet since living together. In 2011 our cat Wrigley passed away and that was extremely difficult for the both of us. Although we still had Imani, his sister, the house felt empty. ¬†I had always wanted a dog and thought that maybe this would help us with our healing. We decided we would rescue a dog. ¬†The universe of course listened, and without even looking, we were presented with an opportunity to take in a maltese poodle named Zues. I saw this cute, precious little cotton ball of a pup and I was in love. We took him in and named him R2 (Juan is a Star Wars geek!) ¬†We had no idea we were up for a long hall. ¬†We quickly learned that R2 was beyond special.

The day we got him… car ride home.

The first experience was when we got him neutered, it turned out that he had cryptorchidism (his testes didn’t descend). This meant he needed a more invasive surgery (and more expensive, of course). We did what we had to do. ¬†It took him about 2 weeks to recover – so we caught up on all 10 seasons of Friends during this time. ¬†After that, we realized he was always very itchy. Turns out he has allergies. We took him to the vet and his allergies are a mystery. We dont’ know if it is environmental or food related. ¬†So, we decided to remove all carpeting and put in hard flooring in our condo. He also eats special food to help with allergies. ¬†Further, R2 has his own groomer. ¬†Nicole was the first pet groomer that transformed him when we took him in. She was just as fond of him and she treats him like royalty. ¬†He has been going to Nicole for the past 6 years. ¬†She knows about his allergies, so she knows to wash him with hypoallergenic shampoo.


So for the past few years, R2 will have an allergic reaction and we take him in to get all these shots and other soothing medications.  We finally found the magic pill that has helped him cope but his allergies are still around.

Well most recently, he gave us a scare. I decided to take Friday off with the hopes to sleep in and get some personal stuff done. ¬†However, that night he kept us up with his vomiting and hacking. This happens from time to time and we didn’t worry much. But then during the day I realized that he would stand over his water and couldn’t get a sip to drink. ¬†His behavior was different and I knew something was wrong. We took him to the vet and he got all the works – blood testing, X-rays and who knows what else. ¬†They found something in the X-rays and thought he may need surgery. ¬†We had to leave him at the vet for more tests. It turned out that he had a bacterial infection and his small intestine was inflammed. ¬†My poor puppy was so sick. We brought him home and he slept all day and all night – no food and no water. It was devastating to watch. He had many accidents and one night we got up to wash him several times…it has been a long week! ¬†Today is Saturday and things are looking much better. He is finally eating, drinking water, barking and wagging his little tail. He is not fully recovered but he is doing much better. ¬†I realize how much my world stops when my pets get sick. ¬†He is trouble, but he is our little trouble and we love him to pieces.

Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole. Roger Caras


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