Weekend in San Diego

We love California.  I was in dire need of a short break and I decided to take a Friday off in early April.  I told the hubby that I would book one night at a Wisconsin resort just to relax and connect with nature. This would have been about a 2 hour drive.  Monday night I “jokingly” proposed that we book a flight and take a last minute weekend trip to San Diego.   The hubby is usually open to all of my randomness and impromptu ideas, but this was a long shot. I was waiting to hear a laugh and get brushed off. However, to my pleasant surprise he was very much into the idea.

The next day, he took it upon himself to book us a flight and a 2 night stay at Hotel Indigo.  We were set!  I was super excited because quite honestly, as an animal lover, I totally wanted to visit the San Diego Zoo.  I immediately hit up my Pinterest page to find ideas of things we could do in essentially a day in a half.  This was our journey:

Arrived in San Diego:

We arrived at about 12:30 pm and picked up a Taxi right away. It took us about 20 minutes with traffic to get to our hotel.   As soon was we walked in, we were greeted gracefully and I admired the beautiful décor of this hotel. I was also loving the perfect 65 degree weather.


We quickly dropped off our luggage and were ready to explore.  We decided to head on over to Gaslamp Quarter. We were starving and looking for a good spot to enjoy a nice lunch.  We strolled through the streets and we finally made a choice (cause it always takes us forever to find the “perfect” spot).  We decided to try out Union Kitchen & Tap Gaslamp.  We were seated outdoors under a nice, big umbrella.   As I scoured through the menu I spotted pizza!  I wasn’t eating meat on this day so I chose the pizza margherita. As we waited for our lunch, I enjoyed a delicious glass of sauvignon blanc and he had a beer.  The food arrived soon after and I was unfortunately utterly disappointed. For a minute, I thought I lost my taste buds. The breading and cheese were so bland and the pizza had no tomato sauce.  It was certainly a wah, wah moment. But I was in such a happy mood, that I figured I would make it up for dinner.


Enjoying a glass of Sauvignon Blanc

boring pizza
Looked good, but it wasn’t my favorite
Quick stop to Coronado Beach:

We didn’t quite make any plans on what we would do next and since we were in San Diego, I thought it would make sense to visit a beach.  Juan ordered an Uber and away we went.  It was a quick 10-15 minute ride. As we arrived, I was mesmerized by the beauty of this beach. The sun was out, the sounds of the waves were enchanting, and the wind on my face was calming. I was in heaven. I couldn’t wait to take pictures. We strolled and enjoyed the lovely views.  The hubby isn’t much of a beach guy – so he wasn’t in my fantasy land.  I immediately kicked off my shoes and couldn’t wait to dig my little feet in that warm sand.  He immediately followed, but with hesitation.  I ran towards the water and dipped my feet in the cold water.

liz beach

As he snapped a picture of me, a strong wave managed to get us both and we got drenched below the knees.  Of course, the hubby wasn’t having it. I laughed – and annoyed him for sure.

juan beach

We walked back to the path, dusted our feet and put our shoes back on.  I gave the hubby a huge smile and he let me have my moment.  We walked around hoping to grab a cocktail, sit and enjoy the view.  We walked up to a beach bar and noticed the ridiculously high prices of the beverages- “no thank you”.  I was in the mood for wine anyway.  We kept walking and found a cozy little bench to sit and take a nice breath.

Next stop – Pali Wine Co. in Little Italy:

This was a quaint little wine shop. I am a wine lover and always looking for new wines to try. We both decided on wine flights.  I enjoy bold, full-bodied wines so I chose the  Bordeaux and Rhone Blends flight option.  They were all so delicious that I even bought a bottle of  the 2013 Petit Verdot Reserve. Juan chose a different flight option and we shared a few. He was never really into wine, but has given it a chance as of lately. He now enjoys an occasional bottle or glass with me. It’s nice to have a wine partner!  It is all about compromise.

pali wine

Next stop – dinner at Ballast Point Brewery Company:

The hubby is a beer aficionado. Just as much as I love wine, he loves his beer. The place was crowded and the lines were long.  We looked around and found a great spot near a window.  He stood in line and ordered some beverages. I opted for a small glass of beer. He knows what I like so he orders for me. I am more of a light beer kinda gal. I ordered some fish tacos – delish and he enjoyed his juicy hamburger.  Overall, great dining experience.

beer flights

fish tacos

Macaroon tradition:

We are that annoying couple that likes traditions. For the past few years, we have made it a tradition to find a dessert shop and enjoy a sweet macaroon.  Evening concluded.


Day 2


San Diego Zoo!

san diego zoo

After a delicious breakfast at The Mission near the Gaslamp Quarter, we were off to the zoo.

We were ready to walk.  We were prepared with our comfy walking shoes, water and sunscreen. Juan is our navigator so he quickly grabbed a map of the zoo. He was determined to find the panda. This was our first stop. I also want to acknowledge the perfect weather – I forget what it feels like to feel neutral temperature. The zoo was busy but manageable. We were determined to see every single animal in sight and I think we succeeded. I, of course had to may a pit stop to the petting zoo (it’s my favorite thing to do!).  We had a great time.

Zoo Navigator


Love the petting zoo!


Balboa Park:

Breathtaking! I wish we had more time. I was mesmerized by the colorful sidewalk in the art area, the gorgeous fountain, and greenery everywhere. It was lovely. All of my senses were overly stimulated and I didn’t want it to end.   However, we definitely worked up an appetite and needed to find a good spot to eat.  We decided we would have an early dinner at Old Town. Before doing so, we stumbled upon the Rose Garden. I was deeply fascinated by the beautiful colors and fresh scent. I took lots of pictures!


roses roses.png
Rose Garden
Old Town:

As we walked into the area, there was Spanish music playing in the background and it was happening.  We had asked the Lyft driver for food recommendations and she pointed us to Casa Guadalajara. It was about 5:30 pm so the wait was less than 10 minutes. We ordered tacos and some adult beverages. I had a margarita and he had a beer. We were both stuffed! We definitely needed to walk it off. We walked through the shops and markets and enjoyed the ambiance. We also found a small wine shop and enjoyed a small flight. By 8pm I was exhausted!  The hubby still wanted to check out another brewery. We headed back to the hotel to freshen up.

casa guadalajara.png

old town.png

Last stop – Stone Brewing:

I managed not to fall asleep when we got back to the hotel. We were within walking distance and headed over to Stone Brewing. Again, Juan tried some beer flights and I enjoyed a few small glasses. He was very content. If I were a beer master, I would share more information about the actual beer but this is clearly not my thing.

We managed to fit a lot in less than 2 days. I felt recharged and ready to get back home.  We had a great time and were happy to have decided to visit San Diego at the last minute. I hope to take more impromptu trips in the future.  I’m sure we will be back.

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