It was a special evening.

We celebrated my mother-in law’s birthday by treating her to the Carole King musical “Beautiful” at the Cadillac Palace.

One of the many things that I admire about my mother-in-law is her passion and affinity for musicals, Broadway theater, and book tours. I have such admiration for her curiosity and her appreciation for the arts.

As the hubby and I brainstormed ideas for her birthday gift, I thought “let’s take her to see Beautiful!” We saw the show a few years back and I vividly remember leaning over to Juan (the hubby) and telling him that his mom would absolutely love this show.  So we recently mentioned it to her and she said that she and her partner had been wanting to go.  Perfect – we were set!

I am the type of person that only likes to experience things once.  However, this show really resonated with me and I wanted to relive the experience. Most importantly, I wanted to share the experience with my mother-in law.

group pic beautiful

The first time that I saw this show, I was in awe and immensely inspired by Carole King’s story.  She is such an extraordinary person with tremendous talent. As I watched the show, I felt guilty.  I felt guilty because prior to the show, I’d never heard of Carole King- but was very familiar with her work.   As I watched and listened to the performances, I felt alive and energized. I felt such enjoyment as I heard song after song and all of the pop hits that she composed including One Fine Day, Will you Love Me Tomorrow,  Up on the Roof, A Natural Woman and so many more.  It was amazing. All of this music elicited so many wonderful memories.  I thought about car rides with my dad, elementary school performances, parties and movies where this music elevated my soul. I was in such disbelief that I never stopped to think about the talent behind the music that has been instrumental in my life.  Carole King had her life challenges and struggles but I am grateful to her sharing her life’s talents despite her personal barriers.  Needless to say, this was an amazing musical, and very eye-opening.

hubby beautiful

Some of my reflection moments include:

Recognizing that we all have significant talent in one way or another. It is imperative to recognize those gifts, pursue the dream and share it with others. We can have such impact on others and not even know it.

Lastly, it also reminded me of the many people that have impacted my life in so many ways that I’ve never truly acknowledged.  Sometimes we live our life not recognizing the positive impact or impression someone has made on us – no matter how big or small.  For that reason, as part of my Harmony and Adventure journey, I will challenge myself to think about those individuals and make them aware of their impact.

Who has had an impact on you? Do they know?

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