Weekend in Seattle

In my personal life, I love and value exploring a new city, getting away for the weekend or traveling to another country. The hubby and I have so many places we want to visit around the world, but also have a desire to explore various cities and states within the U.S.  Our travel plans are always scheduled around our work and can be quite challenging at times, but we try to make it work.

For the past few years, we have focused so much on international travel that some of the U.S. spots have fallen to the wayside.  We’ve managed to squeeze in a few places through my work travel as well as 3 day weekend getaways here and there – like San Diego.

We just took a trip to Ireland and Amsterdam in March, so we were thinking about exploring a U.S spot for an extended time this summer.


In May the hubby was unexpectedly laid-off from his job and we didn’t know how our travel plans would unfold.    After a few weeks of job search grinding, he thankfully landed a job …. but of course he cannot take a long vacation just yet. So we decided we would make the most out of Memorial Day Weekend!

We decided we would take a trip to California to visit L.A. and Santa Monica – but based on the flight schedule we just were not going to have enough time.  Bummer!

We didn’t give up that easily.  We finally had the opportunity to really think of some of the places we have been putting off – like Seattle!  On my commute to work that week, I searched for flights and accommodations to Seattle.  I couldn’t believe it, the prices were reasonable and there was a flight that we could catch right after work.  This was a no-brainer and I booked our flight – 3 days before the trip!

We were both very excited, but we realized we had not done any research and needed to figure out what we wanted to do.

Our main criteria for this trip was city walking and exploration, drink lots of coffee, eat delicious food, go wine tasting, drink beer, relax, and sight-see.  AND… we did all of it… in just 3 days.

Here is a short video capturing our weekend in Seattle 🙂  Enjoy!


Here are a few links to some of the places we explored:



Wine tasting

Great city views

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