I can’t believe she’s 12 years old. I still remember the day my sister gave birth to this tiny human- I absolutely fell in love with my niece Ixta the moment she came out of the womb. Throughout the years I have noticed that she has a creative side and she loves to draw and paint. I thought it would be nice to celebrate her birthday with a fun painting class.  We were the first ones to arrive since I thought the class started at 10am but it actually started at 10:30am. We headed over to a coffee shop where she enjoyed a nice cup of Mexican Hot Chocolate! We got to chat and catch up.  After we finished our hot beverages we headed back to the art gallery.


The instructor walked us through the painting project and slowly we created a penguin on snow.


We had good laughs as Ixta tried to fix the penguin’s eyebrow- she claimed it looked “angry”.  We both enjoyed the painting class and hope we can do it again soon.

She removed eyebrow! lol


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