UnWINEd in Oregon

Hi there, just wanted to share our most recent weekend getaway – Oregon!   If you follow my blog, you know that the hubby and I love to travel and find any excuse to get away, especially during a long weekend.  This year, for Memorial Day weekend we decided to take a nice long weekend in Oregon.  Specifically, I wanted to enjoy some vineyards, restaurants, breweries and waterfalls. We decided to book an Airbnb situated in an old vineyard in Beaverton, Oregon.  Beaverton is a quaint little town about 35 minutes away from downtown Portland.  We rented a car at the airport and got to Beaverton in no time.  As soon as we drove into the drive way I was in heaven!

Our first stop was to visit the wine shop right outside of our room – Hamacher Wines. We had a nice wine flight and particularly enjoyed the 2015 Pinot Noir.  We of course had to get a bottle.


We then headed out for a nice drive along the town to enjoy the site of some other nearby vineyards.  Below are some highlights of our weekend trip.

We visited Stoller Family Estates, and it was stunning. Although it was a bit chilly, we sat outside in some white lawn chairs and took in the beautiful sights of the green landscape. It was definitely a popular place but still felt spacious and relaxing.

On Saturday, it rained all day so we decided to hang out downtown and check out the Portland Art Museum.  Before doing so, we had some delicious breakfast at Babica Hen Cafe in Dundee. We both enjoyed our breakfast choices and the venue was cute.  This trip was a lot about the food! We ate a ton…

After we filled our bellies, we hit up the museum.  We saw some great art exhibits, and really enjoyed the contemporary wing.

Despite the weather, we continued to venture out and decided to take a quick ride on the Portland Tram.  There was no line and no waiting and we hopped on. This thing was basically a four minute ride that takes you to the medical district, but it is a nice way to catch a glimpse of Portland from an aerial view.


After that we hit up a brewery and had some dinner before heading back to Beaverton.  The day after, we woke up nice and early to enjoy a peaceful walk along the vineyard in the property we were staying at while enjoying a cup of joe.


We did some more wine tastings, enjoyed some fun brunch and made time to check out some waterfalls.  The parking lots to the waterfalls can get packed quite quickly and it is the luck of the draw.  It was a nice day on Sunday and therefore the waterfall areas were extremely busy.  We managed to take a quick hike and experience a few waterfalls.

Overall, we had such a relaxing time exploring downtown, visiting vineyards and enjoying some good food!  Toodles – Juan and Liz


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