About me

My name is Liz Herrera and I’ve always been a story teller; I enjoy sharing my experiences through writing.  My entire life I have struggled with tapping into my creative side, but it seems like the only way I can tap into it is through writing.  Ever since I was in elementary school, I’ve always kept a private journal where I wrote about life.  As an adult, my focus shifted to writing about career experiences, life challenges, relationships, running, travel and gratitude.

Although I would say I had a healthy childhood, I had a very negative outlook in life. I lost my mother at a very young age and for a long time I felt there was no point in living. Writing allowed me a safe space to self-reflect.  Along the way, something changed. I let go. I decided to live the life that I always imagined. I wanted to finish college, get a good job and marry someone that loved and respected me.  I realized that life was too short to be miserable.  I decided to focus on the positive and appreciate the little things.  I got married in my 20’s, finished both my undergraduate and graduate degree, and continue to pave my career path. Most importantly, I strive to live a postive life and simply enjoy the little things.

The hubby and I got married at a very young age and have shared some struggles but we share a similar outlook in life – that is what keeps us together.  We’ve shared so many memories (good, bad and ugly), and I am so grateful for having him as a partner in our life journey. I hope to continue making memories and sharing a lifetime of adventures with him.

Over the years we have both acquired a love for running, traveling, culture, food, and appreciating the simple things and moments that life has to offer.  I thought that I would share some of our stories through this blog…


This is Juan, we’ve been together since 1997.  We are both of Mexican descent and it comes to a surprise to many that we don’t have any children. We live in a small condo on the South side of Chicago with our dog R2!

I hope to share many stories and experiences through this platform, and maybe some of my stories may resonate with my readers. (or entertain!)

Thanks for reading and looking forward to reading others’ stories as well 🙂