UnWINEd in Oregon

Hi there, just wanted to share our most recent weekend getaway - Oregon!   If you follow my blog, you know that the hubby and I love to travel and find any excuse to get away, especially during a long weekend.  This year, for Memorial Day weekend we decided to take a nice long weekend in … Continue reading UnWINEd in Oregon

Weekend in Seattle

In my personal life, I love and value exploring a new city, getting away for the weekend or traveling to another country. The hubby and I have so many places we want to visit around the world, but also have a desire to explore various cities and states within the U.S.  Our travel plans are … Continue reading Weekend in Seattle


It was a special evening. We celebrated my mother-in law's birthday by treating her to the Carole King musical "Beautiful" at the Cadillac Palace. One of the many things that I admire about my mother-in-law is her passion and affinity for musicals, Broadway theater, and book tours. I have such admiration for her curiosity and … Continue reading Beautiful

Almost 40 – living life to the fullest, no regrets (12 months of harmony and adventure)

Today I turned 39 years old. I am one of the youngest from my circle of friends, many of them have already or recently turned 40.  It seems to be a big deal- such a grand mile stone.  The outlook for turning 40 seems very intriguing to me.  What is it about this age? Is … Continue reading Almost 40 – living life to the fullest, no regrets (12 months of harmony and adventure)

Taking vacation and not feeling guilty

Like many working professionals, I used to feel guilty taking vacation. It is important for me to work hard, fulfill my obligations and not burden my colleagues. This mindset followed me for a very long time. When I first started my career, I would only take a few days off during the winter holidays and … Continue reading Taking vacation and not feeling guilty